Why it’s all worth it—a letter of thanks from our friends at Haven on the Queensway

Here at Socks 4 Souls Canada, our focus is on distributing clean new socks to those in need.. We do this because we truly and deeply care about the health and well being of people who are experiencing homelessness in the communities we live in and serve. So when we receive a note of thanks, it means the world to us and lets us know that our work is making a positive impact on the people and partners we support..

Recently, a member of our team received the following letter from Haven on the Queensway. They are one of the many local organizations we work with to ensure that people experiencing homelessness  receive the socks they so desperately need:

Dear Christine,

We thank you very much for your generous donation and support. For many in Etobicoke, the hope

and receiving help starts here, at the Haven. Each week, we serve over 120 families representing

more than 400 individuals, and the number of families accessing the Haven’s Closet and our Food

Bank continues to climb. The Haven also provides continuous support for new parents through our

First Care program. Beyond our walls, we assist isolated elders through Haven Helping Seniors,

while our Hope with Wheels program provides for the needs of the homeless in downtown

Toronto and Etobicoke.

Many of our Clothing Closet clients will receive your kind donation. Socks are always in high

demand, and we are always in need of them. These necessary items are crucial for clients who

have to walk – most live under harsh circumstances. Moreover, some of them arrive from

Scarborough to visit our food bank weekly. Currently, we are distributing the thinner socks that

are suitable for spring/summer weather.

Thank you for supporting the Haven and partnering with us to help those in need. Your gift will

have a tremendous impact on the lives of local families and friends on the streets.

A special thanks to Phil, who met with me on the weekend. He sacrificed his time by delivering the

goods to us. We are now able to give them away sooner.

We are so very grateful!