About Us

Socks 4 Souls Canada ​is a non-profit, primarily volunteer-run organization committed to providing unhoused people with warmth, comfort, dignity, mobility and health through new socks.​ Good foot health has a tremendous impact on one’s ability to seek food, shelter, medical care and other social services.

As a registered Canadian charity, we procure both socks and monetary donations from school & workplace sock drives, corporate partners, businesses, community organizations and private citizens. ​

Our vision is that every person experiencing homelessness in Canada has everyday access to clean, new socks and the comfort and opportunities that come with them. 

Our intent is to continue to expand in Ontario, with a longer-term view that the Socks 4 Souls Canada concept can be scaled up to other jurisdictions across Canada as we consistently receive requests for socks from all over the country. 

Why Socks?

Socks are the item of clothing most needed in homeless shelters. They’re also the least donated. New socks contribute to better mobility and minimize the possibility of frostbite and reduce the risk of cellulitis, impetigo, fungal infection, trench foot, and skin breakdown.

Clean socks keep feet warm and dry and prevent skin breakdown, blisters and infection. This is important for an unhoused person because their feet are their main mode of transportation – to get to shelters, to get to meals, to get to job interviews.