Step up to our World Homeless Day challenge

Life has changed for many of us during this difficult time, especially for those living on our streets and in our shelters. The number of people who are now homeless has grown substantially and on any given day there are now approximately 8,700 people on our streets in Toronto alone.

Like many other businesses and charities, we too have changed during this time to keep up with the higher demand for more socks, and we wanted to take this opportunity to share the launch of our new website and brand with you.

How can you help?

October 10th is World Homeless Day 2021, and we have set ourselves – and you – the challenge of raising money for 20,000 pairs of socks for this very important day. Dr Sylvia Marcos, Co-founder and Director, explains more about this challenge below:

If you can donate just $1, this will buy 2 pairs of socks for a homeless person in the GTA and help them avoid foot problems such as frostbite, cellulitis, impetigo, fungal infections, trench foot and skin breakdown due having to walk for their survival every day.

Please donate using the button below and help us spread awareness for those who would be so happy just to receive a new pair of socks.