Socks for the Streets Campaign 2020

Toronto, ON – While Toronto may be in the midst of a pandemic, Indie 88’s listening community has once again proven that generosity is key by donating over $150,000 – or 300,000 pairs of socks – to Socks 4 Souls Canada during its 4th annual partnership with the Josie Dye Show.

There are over 8,600 people experiencing homelessness in the city of Toronto, according to a 2018 census. Socks 4 Souls Canada has now donated over 750,000 pairs of socks across 5 years – helping them stay healthy and warm during what is going to be one of the harshest winters ever known.

These socks are an essential part of medical care, as over 20% of health problems for those experiencing homelessness are related to foot health.

We cannot thank Indie 88’s listeners enough for their generosity, especially during this unprecedented year. We are eternally grateful that the generosity of Torontonians still remains at the heart of who we are.

Thank you, Toronto, and stay safe!