Fall Distribution Event: a message from Dr Christine Tang

On October 31, Socks 4 Souls Canada hosted our annual Fall Sock distribution event, distributing over 31,000 pairs of socks to 31 shelters from across the GTA.

The team had a very long day, starting at 7:30 am and finishing at 4 pm, but despite feeling fatigued, I feel so grateful that I can be part of this great and important undertaking we call Socks 4 Souls Canada.

The event had what certainly felt like a thousand moving parts, and its success would not be possible were it not for a group of generous, hardworking volunteers.

Sometimes, we might lose sight of the incredible impact we are having as we support the shelters who serve people experiencing homelessness. Events like this one help reconnect us directly with the shelters we work with, and show us how and why the work we do is so important.

Finally, I want to make sure that we recognize those people that helped this event be the success that it was. None of this would have been possible without the generous support and time of many people, including:

  • Our longtime supporters, Gertex Hosiery, who donated 7, 000 pairs of socks, and have been very good friends to the Socks 4 Souls Canada team over the years.
  • Eric and Dalia Grinspan, for allowing us to keep our shipping container in the parking lot of their factory, for feeding our volunteers, and for helping us with sock collections from Gertex – all despite Eric feeling under the weather!
  • The INCREDIBLE team of volunteers – Mandy Fracassi, Grazyna and Diana Temelkos, Peter Casey, Alex Brogantz, and Pam Salort – who braved the cold and rain to sort and package these socks, lugging thousands of socks into cars for the homeless shelters. They kept the operation going smoothly all day, all while working by flashlight inside a dark shipping container!

Thanks to these amazing people, and to everyone who donated to our World Homeless Day campaign. You contributed to making this event such a success, and the Socks for Souls Canada team could not be more grateful.

Dr. Christine Tang,
Co-Founder, Socks 4 Souls Canada